Preserving and Advancing Members’ Interests through Political Advocacy

The Texas Apartment Association

Political Action Committee



Texas Apartment Association provides exceptional advocacy, education and communication for the Texas rental housing industry. Our business is to make sure you can succeed.


The Texas Apartment Association Apartment Political Action Committee (TAA PAC) is committed to preserving and advancing its members’ interests through political advocacy at the state and local government levels.

The Texas Apartment Association’s Political Action Committee is one of the largest trade association PACs in Texas. As an essential part of TAA’s advocacy efforts, the TAA PAC pools the voluntary contributions of our investor members to support candidates for the Texas Legislature and for statewide office who favor a healthy business climate for the state, our industry and our communities.



TAA PAC is the voice for Texas’ multifamily industry, and your contribution to TAA PAC enables Corsicana Apartment Association to advocate for you in Texas.  Texas has one of the nation’s best operating climates for the rental housing industry, and the Texas Apartment Association advocates on behalf of our members to keep it that way.

Many special interest groups spend millions of dollars lobbying the legislature for their political agenda. It is critical that we protect our businesses from these special interest groups who seek to impose threats such as requiring leasing consultants to hold a real estate license, new inspection fees, and myriad costly mandates. Through united action, we can fight back, stand strong, and succeed together.

The ability of apartment owners to continue to provide safe, affordable rental housing to our residents, and deliver valued services to them – while doing this effectively, efficiently and profitably – rests on the continued financial strength of TAA PAC.


Invest in TAA PAC

Our continued success depends on the financial strength of TAA PAC. Consider your TAA PAC contribution as a form of business insurance. You are making an investment to ensure the election of candidates who will help protect our industry. Remember, your freedom to do business depends on our continued ability to advocate for your issues.


Contributions to TAA PAC are voluntary and are used for political purposes. Contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. A member is free to contribute more or less than the suggested amount and may choose not to give without reprisal from the Corsicana Apartment Association or affiliate associations, like Corsicana Apartment Association.